2013 Vintage Under Way

This has been an odd growing season for grapes all around us.  The recent rains ruined the beautiful Sauvignon Blanc grapes we had planned to crush, and so far, I have not found any white grapes to replace them.   The good news is, we crushed over a ton of Charbono grapes yesterday.  They were in stellar shape and taste of strawberry, blueberry and lime.   I think they are very promising.  We are keeping an eye on the forecasted rain for Wednesday.  We would like to give the Sangiovese at least another week on the vine.  If it is just a brief shower it will not do any harm.  Once again, I am reminded, that I am not in control of much of anything.  Our God is the best vineyard keeper around and I am trusting him for a great vintage.  Cheers!